Non-regular activities

On these pages you can read about events that FAU participates in on a shifting basis. 


Doctoral seminars

FAU has cooperated with other organizations on the organization of relevant PhD seminars. In November 2006 FAU organized PhD seminar on "Globalisation, Governance and Institutional Development" in cooperation with GEPPA and IDS RUC. The seminar was a great success and we thank our collaborators for the excellent work. 

Career Meetings

FAU did organize career meetings over a period of time. As these activities were taken over by the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN), which have continued to organise these activities.

Development Research Conference - 22-23 August 2018

 Skærmbillede 2017 10 06 kl. 09.22.53


The next Development Research Conference will take place the 22-23 of August 2018. Read more about it here.